Senior QA Engineer

Category:  Quality

Tianjin, Tianjin, CN


Purpose of the Job 职位目标:


The senior QA engineer of validation is responsible for all quality assurance related matters in Validation department, ensuring high compliance with cGMP requirements and internal NN procedures. Assist manager to make right decision from quality point of view. Support other QA colleagues with technical knowledge. Support stakeholders when they consult about compliance questions.

The overall success will be measured upon:

  1. High efficiency/quality work of process support.
  2. Independent capability of process support and problem solving.
  3. Good behaviour for high quality mind set, simplicity the process and continuous improvement.

Good co-operation and communication with inside/outside department/site stakeholder with across boundary behaviour.



  1. 高质高效地完成流程支持工作
  2. 独立地完成流程支持工作和解决问题
  3. 高度的质量意识、良好的行为表现、简化流程以及持续改进


Main Job Tasks 岗位职责:       

Validation & IT QA has the responsibility and the authority to:                                                       验证及IT高级质量保证工程师被授权负责以下工作:

  • Validation committee Chairman 担任验证委员会主席
  • Periodic System Evaluation reports 周期性系统评估报告
  • Validation Status Summary 验证状况总结
  • Qualification and Validation documentation 合格证书和验证记录文件
  • Approve or reject: 批准或驳回如下文件:
  • Non-conformities (e.g. incidents, OOS, FI) 偏差(例如:事故,OOS FI
  • Validation non-conformities for all process in STJ 天津工厂所有流程的验证偏差
  • Change requests 变更
  • Periodic System Evaluation reports 周期性系统评估报告
  • Qualification and Validation documentation 合格证书和验证记录文件
  • Preventive actions & Corrective actions through the definition of Quality Activities Plan (QAP)           在质量活动计划中定义的预防性活动和纠正性活动。
  • And other quality related documents 其他质量相关文件
  • Ensure that facilities, equipment, process associated to validation activities are in control and that process requirements are fulfilled. Ensure inspection readiness at all times.                                         保证厂房设施、设备、工作流程等与验证相关事务及活动可控,并且满足所有流程要求。随时准备好接受检查。
  • Carry out other Quality, Business, Projects related tasks assigned by the Quality VP or Site Management.    执行工厂管理层及质量副总裁指派的其他质量、业务、项目等相关任务。
  • Ensure to take adequate training before handling specific task/approval.                                   在处理特殊任务或批准特殊文件之前确保已接受充分的培训。

    Validation & IT QA coordinates and/or supports the actions necessary to achieve planned results and continual improvement of Quality Management System.                                                                      验证及IT系统质量保证工程师协调并支持必要的活动以达到预期的结果,推动质量管理体系的持续改进。                                                                                         

    Validation & IT QA also participates in:                                                                            验证及IT系统质量保证工程师还要参与以下工作:

  • Internal/external audits/inspections and appropriate follow-up 应对内、外部审计及跟进相关工作
  • Relevant projects related to production, equipment and facilities 生产、设备及厂房设施相关的项目
  • Quality Management Review 质量管理回顾
  • Potential and actual recall situations. 潜在的和实际产品召回情况分析。

    QP delegate for validation process, with the responsibility of:


    Be responsible for the process as QP delegate


    Oversee the responsible process for inspection readiness


    Escalate the concern to QP


    Drive process improvement together with the group towards N&S

  • 与团队一起基于N&S推动流程改进

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