Senior Black Utility Engineer

Category:  Engineering

Tianjin, Tianjin, CN


Key areas of responsibility 主要工作职责:

This position is overall responsible for ensuring delivery to the line of business within the following areas:

  • Technical support of different engineering disciplines in project upgrade and have right competence in external vendors , projects management and validation process.


  • Mainly responsible for the new project management of utility, included HVAC (heating system, ventilation, chiller, cooling system and electrical system etc.).

主要负责工厂公用设施相关的项目管理, 公用设施包括工厂暖通、冷机、冷却系统和电力供应系统

  • As system owner, to ensures utility system running in good condition after project.



Main Job Tasks 主要工作任务:      

  • Lead, manage and participate site projects.                                                              带领、管理以及参与工厂项目:

Lead all kinds of development projects to meet the various business needs. including the design, prepare change control and get approval, presentation and get approval on PPM meeting, prepare requirement, bidding, prepare contract, implementation, construction permit application and get approval, site inspection and process control, contractor management, acceptance and hand over. 包括设计,编制变更控制并在PPM会议上获得批准、演示和批准,编制要求、投标、编制合同、实施、施工许可证

    • 申请和批准、现场检查和过程控制、承包商管理、验收和移交。
    • Develop complex project plans, and manage project schedule and quality with minimal variances.


    • Responsible for supervise the 3rd party suppliers working on project. Ensure the 3rd party suppliers perform the work by strictly following the procedure and standard of NN.            


    • Closely manage throughout the whole projective cycle. Identify and track issues, risks, dependencies, and critical path objectives.


    • Support on other areas project as utility package owner validation/GXP/critical system owner to give input and take the relevant responsible of quality action owner.  


  • Lead and perform utility maintenance work.                                                            带领并执行建筑物、设施以及设备的维护工作:
    • Ensure utility stable and efficient supply to production area and other relevant areas with high efficiency (energy saving) and high quality status.


    • Establish and improve utility maintenance standards, processes/procedures and system.           建立和改进公用设施维护标准、工作流程和程序等。
    • Lead and manage GxP related critical system maintenance work including etc.  


    • Lead on the difficult problem solving on utility maintenance.                                       领导设施维护复杂问题的解决。
    • Actively initiate cause analysis and PM/CM action setting up by Lean thinking and tools              培训和指导厂务技术员提高工作技能,执行复杂的维护工作任务,以及解决问题。


  • Take the responsibility of quality control within utility:                                                 负责质量控制工作
    • Ensure global SOP and GMP requirements implementation.                                         确保标准操作流程(SOP)和GMP要求实施。
    • Train other engineers on process knowledge, coach on compliance. Identify compliance gaps in responsible process. Share findings and new regulation requirement.                               向其他工程师提供工艺知识和合规的培训;发现合规风险,分享发现的问题和新的规定。
    • Review DV/CR, give inputs, finish all related actions on time.                                       审核偏差和变动事件,给出意见和建议,按时完成相关行动计划。

Drive for continually improvement. Coordinate with SME group to drive sharing knowledge and alignment of process. Share best practice across sites.                                               推动持续改进,与过程专家小组合作统一工艺流程标准、分享知识和最佳实践。


Other individual assignments 其他工作任务:

  • Incorporate Novo Nordisk Way (NNW) into daily way of working                                             将诺和诺德之道(NNW)融入到日常工作中
  • Other work assigned by line manager.                                                                       直线经理安排的其他工作。

Keep line manager accurately informed of work status as well as any problems                              保证将工作状态和所有问题准确通知到直线经理




Education Background: 教育背景


  • A bachelor/master’s degree in mechanical, Industrial, Electrical Engineering or other relevant engineering majors


  • Excellent command of written and spoken English


  • Good presentation, coordination skill communication skill and problem-solving skills



Professional Experience专业经验:


  • Minimum 5 years maintenance experience in related position: utility system maintenance, design, process improvement and project management                 至少5年相关工作经验:公用设施系统维护,设计,工艺改进和项目管理
  • Ability to work with CAD on PID drawingsreview MEP design and CAD drawing

能够使用CAD 系统和施工图,审查MEP设计和CAD图纸

  • Knowledge of HVAC and electrical designs and installation




We commit to an inclusive recruitment process and equality of opportunity for all our job applicants. 


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