Purchaser III

Category:  Supply Chain and Procurement

Tianjin, Tianjin, CN


Qualifications (minimum requirements) 任职资格
Education Background: 教育背景

•    4-yr (BS) Degree in logistics, statistical, supply chain management or related field.             物流,供应链管理、企业管理,或其他,4 年本科学士学位或以上学历
•    Fluent in written and spoken English
    Professional Experience专业经验:

•    Minimum 5~8 years of experience of purchasing or working in a similar position.                           至少 5~8 年大型企业相关岗位工作经验
•    Experience of working with SAP, ERP or other relevant IT system.                                              具有使用SAP,ERP或其他相关IT系统的经验
•    Experience of managing of external suppliers.          具有管理外部供应商的经验
•    Experience of up-stream supply chain management is preferable.
•    Experience of project management is preferable.

Job content工作内容描述
Purpose of the Job 职位目标: 

Purchaser is responsible for ensuring correct purchasing order (PO) to suppliers, on-time delivery with right quantity and quality for all indirect materials (except service), and procurement compliance with local and global procedure, also meet NN internal control’s requirements. 
Main Job Tasks 岗位职责:       
•    Issue correct PO information to suppliers based on approved PR, include goods and service.                 根据已批准的采购申请,包括实物和服务,向供应商发出正确的采购信息。
•    Follow up PO and ensure on time delivery with correct quantity and quality. Ensure all defects on materials don't affect LoB’s daily business.                                                                            跟踪订单执行情况以确保及时、保质保量交货,确保所有有问题的材料不影响业务部门正常工作。
•    Ensure no shut-down and supply shortage due to purchasing issues whatever the reasons (except unpredictable factors).                                                                                      保证没有因采购问题造成的停产和供应短缺(不可预测的原因除外)。                                                
•    Maintain purchasing IT systems of easy order system (e.g. PR, EA, SUPER, Spare parts system) and SAP. Ensure correct master data in the systems.                                                                 维护采购IT 系统数据,确保系统主数据准确。
•    Cooperate with IT, finance and LoB to improve easy order system, include e-chop, SUPER, Spare parts system, EA and so on.                                                                                      与IT、财务以及业务部门协作改进采购IT系统。
•    Communicate with vendors, shipping, LoB and so on on daily purchasing issues and ensure problem solving timely.                                                                                                      与供应商、进出口部门以及相关业务部门保持沟通,及时解决相关问题。
•    Monitor vendors performance, and prepare improvement proposal if needed, and make sure to make it happen, also can ask support from sourcing team if needed.                                                跟踪供应商的工作绩效,提出改进建议并确保实施,如有需要寻求寻购团队的支援。
•    Provide inputs for supplier re-evaluation.                                                                   为供应商再评估提供意见。
•    For indirect purchase part, responsible for sourcing actives if the spend is less than 50,000CNY and the supplier is in ASL. Also handling spare parts sourcing actives which NN has SLA or other agreements even exceed 50,000 CNY. Contract review and approve for spend below 50,000 CNY                              对于间接采购,负责50000元人民币以下并且供应商在ASL范围内的采购需求的寻购工作。备件采购即使超过50000元人民币但是NN有服务协议或其他协议的情况下,也负责相关的寻购工作。审核并审批50000元人民币以下的采购合同。
•    Ensure daily purchasing activities to compliance with both local and global procurement procedure, and to meet with STJ internal controls’ requirements.                                                              确保采购工作合规,符合本地和总部采购流程的要求,以及天津工厂内控的要求。
•    Provide training to back-up person and ensure the work can be carried out as normal and no issues during absence.                                                                                                    培训后备人员,确保在本人缺勤期间工作能正常进行。
•    Prepare and update purchasing SOPs if needed.                                                             编写并更新相关标准工作流程。
•    Optimize purchasing process and continuously focus on improving the processes.                           优化采购流程并持续改进。
•    Conduct purchasing file management, include physical documents archiving and save related information in share folders.                                                                                               管理采购工作文件,妥善存档纸版和电子版文件。
•    Participate project in relation to supplier.                                                                   参与供应商相关的项目工作。
•    Handle related quality issues like NC, CR, etc.                                                               处理质量相关的事务,如:NC,CR 等。       
Other individual assignments 其他 :
•    Incorporate Novo Nordisk Way (NNW) into daily way of working.                                            将诺和诺德之道(NNW)融入到日常工作中
•    Other work assigned by line manager.                                                                      直线经理安排的其他工作。
•    Keep line manager accurately informed of work status as well as any problems.                            保证将工作状态和所有问题准确通知到直线经理

We commit to an inclusive recruitment process and equality of opportunity for all our job applicants. 


At Novo Nordisk we recognize that it is no longer good enough to aspire to be the best company in the world. We need to aspire to be the best company for the world and we know that this is only possible with talented employees with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and cultures. We are therefore committed to creating an inclusive culture that celebrates the diversity of our employees, the patients we serve and communities we operate in. Together, we’re life changing.