Project Manager

Category:  General Management and Administration

Tianjin, Tianjin, CN


Qualifications (minimum requirements) 任职资格
Education Background: 教育背景

•    Bachelor degree or above                        大学本科以上学历
•    Follow the NN training activities for project managers when the first project is assigned.      已接受诺和诺德的项目经理培训   
•    Fluent in written and spoken English

    Professional Experience专业经验:

•    Minimum 0-6 years of relevant working experience:     至少0-6年相关工作经验:
o    PHD with 0-2 years      博士0-2年
o    Master with 3-4 years    硕士3-4年
o    Bachelor with 5-6 years  学士5-6年

•    Thereinto minimum 1-2 years of project management experience. 至少1-2年项目管理工作经验。

Job content工作内容描述
Key areas of responsibility 主要工作职责:
The project manager is responsible for managing projects to ensure delivering according to project plan. Projects are from low to medium complex. Project’s complexity is measured in relation to: Stakeholders; total project cost; scope; project organisation and the organisation impacted by the project.
Main Job Tasks 主要工作任务:      
•    Direct project execution. Provide clear goals and purpose for the project and the project team members so that the project secures effective use of time and resources and builds employee motivation.                指导项目执行:制定清晰的项目目标以及项目团队成员的工作目标,激励团队成员,确保有效地利用时间和资源使项目顺利完成。
•    Create and develop the project plan. Create effective and transparent systems, structures and processes to drive the project so that the project secures clarity and order by applying the appropriate amount of planning and organising.                                                                                    制定项目计划:建立清晰有效的项目组织、系统、架构及工作流程,以保证项目按计划顺利进行。    

In PS different project governance models exists. Below is listed the mandatory requirements for the different project types:                                                                                     产品供应部对不同类型项目的管理模式及必要要求如下:
o    cLEAN® project: Project brief. For 3-star projects enter the approved documents in I-Nexus.       cLEAN®项目:要求有项目概要。三星项目要把批准的文件录入到I-Nexus系统中。 
o    Investment project: Project Charter, Mandate and Agreement. Enter the approved documents in Clarity                                                                                              投资项目:要求有项目承包合同、授权以及协议等文件。要把批准的文件录入到clarity系统中。
o    Other project: Follow the local templates/guidelines.                                                其他项目:遵循本地的规定。
•    Monitor and control project work. Follow-up to keep end-product within scope, quality, schedule and budget so that the project delivers the desired end-product.                                                        管控项目工作执行,确保在既定的工作内容、质量标准、时间表和预算的范围内取得所期待的成果。
•    Negotiate project resources with LoB management and manage these resources during project execution.   与各业务部门协调项目资源,在项目执行过程中管理项目资源。
•    Establish the appropriate project governance together with the project owner, so that the project can be executed effectively and the outcome is sustained in the organization.                                      与项目的所有人共同建立适当的项目管理机制,以保证项目能有效地进行而且结果持续有效。
•    Report project performance to the relevant stakeholders.                                                   向各个相关方汇报项目进展情况。 
•    Perform integrated change control on the project. Evaluate changes to the project scope, schedule or cost in a coordinated manner so that all project constrains are evaluated.                                          执行对项目的整体变化控制:全面评估项目变化诸如范围、时间表、成本费用等方面,保证所有限制项目进展的方面都被评估到。
•    Archive all key project data.                                                                                 将所有项目关键数据存档。
•    Close and evaluate the project.                                                                             完成项目并进行结果评估。
•    Execute project to ensure compliance with NN Quality Management System and PS Environmental, Health and Safety Management system.                                                                            按照诺和诺德质量管理体系和环境健康安全体系的要求执行项目,保证合规。
•    Lead the process of Project Portfolio Management, to ensure all projects in STJ are governed through the PPM model and aligned with site strategy and site business plan.                                            主导项目组合管理,确保天津工厂所有项目都按照PPM模式进行管理并且符合工厂战略。
•    Establish and develop project management training to improve the overall capability of project management skill in STJ.                                                                                                  建立并开发项目管理的培训,全面提高天津工厂项目管理技能。

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