Production Support Engineer I

Category:  Manufacturing

Tianjin, Tianjin, CN









Qualifications (minimum requirements) 任职资格

Education Background: 教育背景

     Bachelor degree or above 大学本科以上学历

     Follow the NN training activities for project managers when the first project is assigned. 已接受诺和诺德的项目经理培训  

     Fluent in written and spoken English 良好的英语书写和沟通能力

Professional Experience专业经验:

     Minimum 3 years of relevant working experience:      至少3年相关工作经验:

     Excellent communication skills.                        具备良好的沟通能力

     Experienced user of MS office and MS project software.  熟练使用办公软件。


Job content工作内容描述

Key areas of responsibility 主要工作职责:

The production support engineer is set up aiming to enhance FPY of contract flow and payment flow as well as best support WP to proceed procurement process. It is no impact that WP plays the ultimate role as contract owner.

The main activity of production support engineer consists of:

1.    document readiness: documents preparing on sourcing, contract, payment.

2.    system execution and approve flow tracking: Coupa on contract and PO, NICE, E-chop.

3.    track the standard items (item list is assigned from WPO) delivery.

4.    schedule and cashflow interact with scheduler and cost controller after confirmed from WP.

5.    reporting on contract and PO status



1. 文件准备:准备采购、合同、付款的相关文件

2. 系统执行和审批流程跟踪:涉及的系统包括Coupa, NICE, E-chop

3. 跟踪标准项目(项目列表由WPO分配)的交付

4. WP确认后,将进度和现金流与项目控制人员交互

5. 报告合同和订单状态

Main Job Tasks 主要工作任务:     

1.    Collect procurement request from WP and deliver SNS to procurement team. 收集采购需求,制作SNS

2.    Create contract and communicate between vendor and internal stakeholders for contract review.                                                                                                     创建合同,与外部供应商和内部相关部门合作审核合同。

3.    Submit contract in Coupa; track and complete the contract approval flow. Coupa系统中提交合同并跟踪完成合同审批流程。

4.    Submit PO in Coupa; track and complete the PO approval flow. Coupa系统中提交订单并跟踪完成订单审批流程。

5.    Get confirmation with WP for the downpayment approval and prepare the relevant document to finish the payment. WP确认预付款批准,并准备相关文件以完成付款。

6.    With confirmation from WP, production support engineer will update the status on cost and schedule to project scheduler and cost controller during project implementation. WP确认后,项目支持工程师将在项目实施期间向项目调度员和成本控制员更新成本和进度的状态。

7.    Follow-up procurement plan for the project and help communication among Sourcing, vendor and stakeholders following procedure.                                                                           跟进项目采购计划,依照程序与采购和供应商沟通协调工作。

8.    Achieving the contracts. 合同存档及管理。

9.    Ensure procurement documents are made and aligned with NN standard project model (PEM).  确保采购文件的制作与 NN 标准项目模型 PEM 保持一致。                                                                                    

10.   Reporting for the contract and PO status.   定期发布合同和订单进度。

Other assignments 其他工作任务:

     Incorporate Novo Nordisk Way (NNW) into daily way of working                                             将诺和诺德之道(NNW)融入到日常工作中

     Other work assigned by line manager.                                                                      直线经理安排的其他工作。

     Keep line manager accurately informed of work status as well as any problems                             保证将工作状态和所有问题准确通知到直线经理

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