Process associate manager

Category:  Engineering

Tianjin, Tianjin, CN


Qualifications (minimum requirements) 任职资格
Education 教育背景
•    A bachelor degree in Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Industry Engineering, or other relevant background.
•    Excellent command of written and spoken English 
•    Education/training in GMP regulations, validation, LEAN and statistics    Professional experience 专业经验
•    Proven 5-8 years of experience in Process/quality management in GMP regulated pharmaceutical industry
•    Knowledge from a GMP/ISO regulated production, working with requirements for validation and change procedures
•    Work experience with project teams and have ability to drive cross-functional projects
•    Experience in cLEAN tools

Job content 工作内容描述
Key areas of responsibility 主要工作职责:
•    People management
have full responsibility of managing a team of 6~15 professionals, including goal setting, performance evaluation and appraisal, ASR, IDP, TDP, coaching and all people related issues. 
•    Process management
Maintain and develop key competences in processes and in GMP compliance 
Drive continuous improvement in best practices 
Drive upgrade and optimization project tasks, ensure necessary coordination to execute the projects. 
•    Compliance Support
Be responsible for related procedures, Validation, NCs, CRs, QAPs, Audit preparation, Training, System operation, EHS, cLEAN, etc. to meet timelines, quality and compliance requirements. 
•    Technical support
Provide technical support for Penfill packaging operations. Manage process competencies to meet business needs.
Maximize performance of penfill packaging line to meet the delivery targets. Improve production line’ efficiency and avoid production stopping. 
•    Others
Strong cooperation and communication skills required,and drive/lead complex
initiatives within FP area by good collaboration with other DFP or PS sites.
    Main job tasks 主要工作任务: 
People & organization management
•    Set target and follow up on daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis;
•    Ensure that the team is highly motivated, engaged and skilled. This is done through creating individual development plans and performance targets, regular follow up on these and support/coaching when needed;
•    Conduct 1:1/IDP dialogue to care about people. Support employees in developing development plans supporting the individuals wish for further development and the department needs for additional skills;
•    Carry through ourvoice, make TDP and follow up on actions.
•    Conduct process confirmation and board meeting ensure daily operation smoothly;
•    With the business growing, plan adequate training for subordinates in accordance with the competence level;
•    Set a good model to implement Novo Nordisk Way (NNW) and leader behavior

 Project management
•    Be familiar with projects and participating projects meeting, etc.
•    Understand projects key milestones and can provide related support
•    Act as the back-up for WPO and PMs
•    Drive FP related project and improvement initiatives, some projects could be cross STJ or IFP 

Compliance Support
•    Support info-center meetings and update of action plan for the info. Center;
•    Ensure that project member has quality knowledge and mindset to mitigate quality risk in projects
•    Ensure that all employees are adequately trained to perform their job in relation to quality requirements;
•    Support to meet related audit

Technical support
•    Be as expert and responsible for of production operation flow and technical process 
•    Ensure that team members have the right competences in order to ensure a high technical skill, compliance level and future improvement. Build FP packaging process expertise in house.
•    Provide and support related technical support, not limited to Process, maintenance…. to identify the competence level for process team
•    Strong cooperation and communication skills required
•    Contributes to the EHS work in the department relevant position. The tasks and duties as described in enclosure 2 of EHS manual (QBIQ doc. No. 044249)
•    LEAN knowledge
Other individual assignments 其他工作任务:
 Other individual works which has been assigned by line manager.

Supplementary job description 辅助工作描述
Degree of independent decisions 独立决定的程度
Very high degree of independent decision making in own area.
Level of independence, innovation and initiative 独立性,创新和主动的级别
High level independently and creatively driving initiatives, have open and growth mindset to optimize current process and introduce new technology into team, and welcome failure and learning ability to inspire team. 

Main stakeholders / reputation and results 主要联络对象
•    FP mgmt. team (Production, Maintenance, WH, IT, Logistic, etc.)
•    HQ Packaging related – DMD, Mandev etc.
•    Supplier
•    Other PS sites FP.
Degree of influence on departmental/function/NN results 对部门/职能/NN结果的影响度
Significant impact on department results and performance. Right executed this job ensures compliance and production efficiency and optimizing of flow for Novo Nordisk, both short term and longer term. 

Communication / Interaction with other internally or externally 内部或外部的沟通
•    Internal STJ cross-functional communication in connection with projects support and related
•    Good communication skills are required as most work will be cooperate with PMs and other functions  
•    Must be fluent in English, verbally and written since the work will be conducted with an interface to especially DK
•    Stronger communication ability when cooperation with globe supplier, NN other sites and stakeholders  

We commit to an inclusive recruitment process and equality of opportunity for all our job applicants. 


At Novo Nordisk we recognize that it is no longer good enough to aspire to be the best company in the world. We need to aspire to be the best company for the world and we know that this is only possible with talented employees with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and cultures. We are therefore committed to creating an inclusive culture that celebrates the diversity of our employees, the patients we serve and communities we operate in. Together, we’re life changing.