Logistic Engineer III

Category:  Supply Chain

Tianjin, Tianjin, CN




Education Background: 教育背景

  • Bachelor Degree and above in manufacturing engineering or similar education background. 制造工程或相关学科领域大学本科及以上学历。
  • Fluent in written and reading English.流利的英语听说技能。


Professional Experience专业经验:

  • Deep logistics knowledge – preferably from the pharma or biotech business and high tech  具有深厚的物流知识-最好有制药或生物技术业务和高科技方面的经验
  • International experience and cultural understanding of business behavior and local customer knowledge 国际经验和对商业行为和当地客户知识的文化理解
  • Rich experience of project execution in pharmaceutical projects, with basic sense of key document outputs from each project phase. 具有丰富的制药项目执行经验,对项目各阶段的关键文件输出有基本的了解


Key areas of responsibility 主要工作职责

Lead the automated logistics solution in the project, verify the feasibility of the solution together with the supplier, and implement the solution according to the project requirements. Cooperate with process leader to ensure smooth and compliant process. 主导项目中自动化物流解决方案,并与供应商一起验证解决方案的可行性,并按照项目需求将解决方案落地实施。配合工艺负责人保证流程的顺畅与合规。


Main Job Tasks 主要工作任务:      

  • Co-develop with expansion programme on planning of intralogistics and warehouse flow and technology from end to end logistics for STJ. 与总部合作,并为天津厂开发内部物流和仓储流程以及端到端物流技术的解决方案
  • Space and layout planning in cooperate with production and engineering departments in accordance with company short & long term intralogistics strategy. 根据公司的短期和长期内部物流战略,与生产和工程部门合作进行空间和布局的规划
  • Engineering responsible (ER) for intralogistics and warehouse and control design from engineering company from project execution and operational excellence perspective. 从项目执行和卓越运营的角度出发,负责公司内部物流、仓库和控制设计
  • Drive and introduce appropriate automated solutions or smart device for intralogistics high efficiency operation including requirement investigation and proposal, solutions alignment, evaluation and finally implementation and running improvement. 推动和引入合适的自动化解决方案或智能设备,以实现内部物流的高效运作,包括对需求的调查和建议,解决方案校准,评估,最终实施和运行改进
  • Managing and understanding intelligent equipment technology in warehousing industry, introduce intelligent equipment, improve automation level and optimize resources. 管理和了解仓储行业智能技术,引进智能设备,提高自动化水平,优化资源
  • Secure the logistic automation equipment installation, commissioning and integration testing to support smart logistics operation within STJ. 确保物流自动化设备的安装,调试和集成测试,以支持STJ内的智能物流运作
  • Responsible for the material flow from goods receiving to point of use in production, including layout, manning, equipment, dolly/rack etc. Target is best material flow quality and efficiency. 负责物料从货物接收到生产使用的全物流流程,包括物流布局,人员配置,设备,小车/货架等。目标是达成最佳的物料流和效率
  • Implementation of logistics concepts, standards, processes and equipment in alignment with counterparts from other departments. 执行物流概念、标准、流程和设备,并确保与其他部门保持一致
  • Define all functionalities related to the IT systems applied within the intralogistics process. 定义所有与内部物流过程中应用的IT系统相关的功能
  • Closely collaborate with IT/Automation team on logistics systems, track implementation and create user guide and SOP for warehouse. IT/自动化团队在物流系统上紧密合作,跟踪执行并创建仓库用户指南和SOP
  • Technical responsible for the specification of equipment, tracking and purchasing process, communications with supplier and purchasing department. 负责设备的技术规范,跟踪和采购流程,建立与供应商和采购部门的沟通
  • Creation and execution of logistics equipment maintenance plan and ensure a good state of house-in-order制定并执行物流设备维护保养计划,确保物流设备处于良好的状态
  • Plan, prepare, organize and moderate workshops within project team and across business areas. 计划,准备,组织和主持项目团队和跨业务领域的研讨会
  • Plan, organize and follow up of LEAN activities in the field of logistics and continuously improve logistics flow and systems. 计划、组织和跟踪物流领域的精益活动,持续改进物流流程和系统
  • Drive systematic problem solving for ad hocs. 推动系统的问题解决方案

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