EHS Manager

Category:  Engineering

Tianjin, Tianjin, CN


Qualifications (minimum requirements) 任职资格
Education 教育背景
•    Bachelor degree or above, majored in Chemical Engineering, Environment Engineer, Safety Engineering, Business management, HR or related subjects or similar related to people management and leadership. 
•    High level of Chinese and English and excellent communication skills in both languages
•    High level of authority and good judgement
•    Good LEAN mindset and knowledge and skill to solve problem in a LEAN way
    Professional experience 专业经验
•    At least 8 years EHS, Admin, HR relevant experiences in manufacturing industry, with a minimum of 5 years or above experience in MNC.
•    Rich experience with EHS strategy development and execution
•    Rich experience with EHS management system (ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001: 2015) and external certification audit. 
•    Capability of independently initiating project for improving EHS system and operation  
•    Proven experience in emergency handling and deploy tasks under high pressure
•    Strong understanding of Chinese EHS regulation
•    Proven experience with line management. Experience in organisation development
•    Proven experience of multi-tasking and impacting key stake holders of executive levels for implementing EHS activity
•    Proven experience of interacting with authorities of different levels  
•    Experience in conducting EHS education and awareness promotion or culture enhancement in an organization 
•    Lead and show with high integrity and acting as role models creating a trustful company culture. 
•    Experience as a EHS, HR, or Admin management related function manager is a plus

Job content 工作内容描述
Key areas of responsibility 主要工作职责:
The EHS and Admin Manager is overall responsible for EHS and Admin management. Being the Champion of EHS and Admin function, to provide support, guidance and service for PS site Tianjin. Build on the strong organisation and culture and take it into operational mode. 
•    Maintain the environmental, health and safety management system in accordance with relevant legislation, regulations and requirements defined for NN as well as overall NN policies and targets.
•    Maintain a high level of compliance by proactively identifying compliance gaps and closely working with third party or authorities to eliminate the risk of impacting the reputation of PS site Tianjin both internally and externally
•    Implement EHS inspections and actions across Site Tianjin which are necessary for achieving established objectives and continuously improving the EHS management system.
•    Strong emergency management mindset and influence relevant stakeholders to be on-board in case of any emergency happens in PS Site Tianjin.
•    As the key link between cooperate EHS organizations (COHS, PS, DFP, NNBJ) and PS site Tianjin EHS organization. 
•    Maintain and drive a high performance and engaged EHS and Admin team and a strong EHS representative organisation for all areas in PS site Tianjin.
•    Manage and ensure Admin function to closely collaborate with EHS function to ensure safety and environmental compliance to government requirement. 
•    Drive Admin management to continuously improve the service level to Site Tianjin. 
    Main job tasks:
•    Manage whole EHS and Admin Department to provide high governance and service to whole Site Tianjin, drive high people performance and develop team competence
o    Set up EHS and Admin mission and strategy to ensure common vision of whole team and high quality of deliveries
o    Ensure high performing teams via clear responsibilities, KPI setting and improvement plans in accordance with DFP strategy deployment and Production Support Values
o    Drive whole team to be a highly reliable partner in terms of creating direct impact on EHS perspectives but also high level of service to whole site
o    Build up an open and honest environment for team members to create more engagement and wellbeing 
o    Support team members development via systematic IDP and back-up plans and provide necessary trainings in align with competence requirements 
o    Ensure good motivation in the team and good relations to stakeholders

•    Build up and maintain high level of EHS management via managing, planning and implementing EHS management program and improvement EHS management structure.
o    Ensure EHS management system is well maintained in accordance with relevant legislation, regulations and requirements defined for NN policies and targets.
o    Ensure internal and external inspections/audits from regulatory authorities and from HQ are actively driven, coordinated and followed up with improvement actions. 
o    Ensure yearly EHS management review is well organized and highlight risks to site management and provide right direction for decision 
o    Provide professional support and consultation on certain EHS issues, such as change assessment as government and NN required
o    Ensure operation EHS is well implemented including safety inspection, waste management, chemical management, occupational health management (include Hygiene), special equipment and special job, SOPs are updated, policy and regulations and adequate materials are properly documented
o    Net works within whole EHS group (COHS, PS, DFP, NNBJ) 
•    Ensure Site Tianjin high level of EHS Compliance via legal compliance programme deployment in whole site 
o    Proactively allocate resource to check up with internal and external regulation update or industry trend changes to drive preventive actions to mitigate the risk of compliance
o    Improve legal compliance evaluation process on EHS aspects and empower related stakeholders to be involved
o    Provide frequently advice, trend and conclusion to site management team and line of business in all matters related to any change on EHS laws and regulations
o    Develop organization competence to deal with overall compliance understanding including laws and regulation interpretation, such as develop trainings to leaders, EHS team, reps etc. 
•    Crisis and Emergency management process and competence building-up in Site Tianjin
o    Set up emergency handling process and roles and responsibilities in Site Tianjin 
o    Lead Site Tianjin Crisis/emergency management system and coordinate crisis/emergent event handling in case it happens
o    Ensure quick response and support ERT (site management) to set-up working groups to handle emergency immediately, set direction and adjust with flexibility in case of any need
o    Be the contact window with upper level in NN and ensure enough sharing with other site when necessary
•    Drive NN environmental strategy and ensure its embedding into Site Tianjin
o    Fully translate environmental strategy of Circular for Zero into the daily operation of Site Tianjin by creating awareness and promoting with more involvement
o    Collaborate with Site Tianjin all areas to assure energy, water saving, waste management projects are implemented to meet DFP short and long-term targets
o    Drive contact with local authorities to promote environmental ambition of Site Tianjin and boost collaboration opportunities 
•    Maintain relationship and close communication with related authorities (Health Bureau; Environmental Protection Bureau; Emergency Response Bureau) and complete all tasks as government requirement not limited to below
o    Establish team members can build up good and trustful relationship with the inspectors and authorities
o    Drive government inspections and frequent invitation of bilateral talk
o    Legislation management 
o    EHS related permit application (chemical, waste water discharge, hazard waste disposal etc.) 
o    Work related injury report and management 
•    Well-being and psychosocial support to Site Tianjin 
o    Collaborate with P&O to ensure stress management programme is well anchored in Site Tianjin to support staff on physical and psychosocial well-being.
o    Drive psychosocial analysis via OurVoice or other channels
•    Build and sustain a strong EHS culture by driving engagement from all key stakeholders, including,
o    Align EHS goals and actions with Site Tianjin all areas and anchor EHS responsibilities into all areas daily work
o    Develop and implement EHS related campaigns and activities to create EHS culture in whole Site Tianjin
o    Ensure adequate EHS awareness in all employees and active reporting of dangerous situations, near-miss cases to reduce or prevent accidents 
•    Ensure Admin function to fully support to Site Tianjin production continuity with high quality and stable services on transportation, canteen, consumable and related procedure, cost control and supplier management
o    Coach and development admin team on good communication and consultation to employees’ inquiry or complaint and continuous provide improvement suggestions to management on administrative support to ensure Site Tianjin production deliveries
o    Drive synergy between EHS and Admin function to simplify current procedures to improve working efficiency
o    Drive Admin function to ensure compliance to authority requirement, such as food safety, living waste disposal, COD data, canteen equipment safety etc. 
o    Ensure continuous improvement on transportation and canteen management, including employees’ shuttle buses, short-term rental cars, expat's/directors’ transportation, food variety and stable catering service 

Supplementary job description 辅助工作描述
Degree of independent decisions 独立决定的程度
EHS and Admin manager must be very independently to handle all task and solve issues
The manager has mandate to take decisions that has a significant impact on Site Tianjin. The decision must be coordinated with PS Director 
Level of independence, innovation and initiative 独立性,创新和主动的级别
Highly proactive determination of possible problems and evaluation of risk and consequences of potential solutions is required and have independence and initiatives is essential

We commit to an inclusive recruitment process and equality of opportunity for all our job applicants. 


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