EHS Engineer

Category:  Engineering

Tianjin, Tianjin, CN


Qualifications (minimum requirements) 任职资格

Education Background: 教育背景

  • Bachelor degree or above, majored in Chemical Engineering, Environment Engineer, safety Engineering or related subjects.

Professional Experience专业经验:

  • At least 5 years EHS relevant experiences in manufacturing industry, with a minimum of 3 years or above experience in MNC.
  • Rich experience with EHS management system (ISO45001&ISO18001) and external certification audit.
  • Full knowledge in EHS related laws and regulations
  • Living and communication of NNWoM and Novo Nordisk policies.

Job content工作内容描述


Key areas of responsibility 主要职责领域

  • Assist the CVP area EHS manager by planning and carrying out EHS management systems (ISO45001&ISO18001), environmental mapping, WPA and other reforms of risk assessment in the unit. Assist and help department complete the safety inspection and process confirmation. And others.
  • Assist to build up EHS policies and procedures, and ensure the implementations throughout the site according to policies and procedures of the NNAS. (Chemical; PPE&ERE; machine safety; on site contractor management; near miss and accident management; EHS assessment of changes and so on).
  • Conduct EHS inspection in the site area. (Including employees, on-site contractors and visitors).
  •  Cooperate with the EHS manager on root causes analysis and impact plan (if necessary) that aim to the deviation of EHS performance.
  • Coordinate every department to make analysis upon incidents, follow up and push related actions to be completed.
  • Assist EHS manager to contact EHS authority from TEDA government and complete some reports to the government.

Main Job Tasks 岗位职责:       

  • Facilitating on department EHS related tasks implementation.
  1. Assist departments and EHS representatives working with WPA, Safety Inspections, PC etc according to NN standard (including keeping record in EHS Portal etc.).
  2. Review or participate incident investigation.
  • Expertise coaching and guidance to areas within some of below areas:
  1. PPE Management – PPE and the supplier qualification. Identify the necessary PPE according with business need.
  2. Occupational health management-updating the OH assessment according with frequency that was required by government.
  3. Contractor management-maintain on site contractor’s EHS management procedure.
  4. Electricity safety
  5. LOTO management- Maintain related procedure and ensure related department implementation.
  6. Near-miss and accident management-responsible for accident reporting and support related investigation.
  • Support daily EHS operation in some of below aspects:
  1. Waste management (including qualify/audit waste contractor) – Hazard waste treatment, non-hazard waste data analysis and relevant reporting, lead the root cause analysis for the deviation.
  2. Chemical Management – Approve chemical purchasing and maintain the management program.
  3. Waste water – Familiar about waste water treatment principium and collaborate with PS for waste water treatment improvement. Give the expert advice during the WWTP process modification or root cause analysis of waste water monitor index deviation and others.
  4. Handle annual welfare physical examination, arrange the physical examination of mandatory items according to the quality requirements, manage the health files of mandatory items and summarize the general information of infectious disease cases reported by the line manager into the annual infectious disease case list.
  5. Handle emergency management and crisis management process and can respond with agility as the expert to deliver advice in face of sudden emergency from the view of health protection or production site perspective.
  6. Act as SOP owner and update the SOP whenever necessary.
  7. Carry out standard or tailor-made training course.
  • Legislation management
  1. Maintain and keep legislation data base validity, and identify the relative legislation for changes of processes, installations and Work routines. Update the data base quarterly.
  2. Carry out regular legal self-check to mitigate possible gaps in compliance with EHS legislation.
  3. Continuously improve EHS legal compliance level and support site to reach 0 finding from government or authority inspection.


  • Contact with TEDA government EHS Authority and complete some reports and permit application to the government.
  1. External reporting
  2. Register of injury work related
  3. Permit application communicated immediately.
  4. Connection and carry out activities with relevant government
  • Support on-site construction safety management and cooperation with project manager to meet the requirements of all EHS assessment (both government required and NN required).


  • Contribute to EHS&Admin team development.
  1. Collaboration with other team members and complete back up plan.
  2. Participation EHS&Admin core team rotation plan.
  3. Contribute for team building.
  4. Others relevant EHS&Admin department.

Other individual assignments 其他 :

  • Incorporate Novo Nordisk Way (NNW) into daily way of working
  • Other work assigned by line manager
  • Keep line manager accurately informed of work status as well as any problems 



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