Automation Engineer IV

Category:  Engineering

Tianjin, Tianjin, CN


Key areas of responsibility 主要工作职责:

Automation engineer is responsible for providing technical support to automation systems for daily production and new line transfer according to SOP. Implement discuss technology details about supplier quotation, validate automation part of URS, code review for PLC, validate software and hardware for vision system, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), SAT (Site Acceptance Test), PQ (Performance Qualification), internal and external audit, and so on. And support the others related to automation technology of equipment.                          


Main Job Tasks 主要工作任务:      

  • Supply automation technology support for new process line according to SOP. Ensure the new process line completed step by step according to milestone and solve or help solve all the problems related to automation part. Ensure safety when working with machine.                                                遵循SOP的要求为新生产线的自动化系统提供技术支持,及时解决与自动化相关问题以确保新生产线按计划实施。保证工作安全。
  • Focus on related to automation job of production line. Such as vendor evaluation, discuss quotation, design review, code review, write validation files, write SOP files, and so on.                                       负责生产线与自动化相关的供应商评估、报价技术讨论、设计审核、程序代码审核、验证文件书写、标准作业流程书写等。
  • Establish and improve equipment maintenance standards, processes/procedures and system to meet GMP requirement.                                                                                               按照GMP的要求建立和改进设备维护标准、工作流程和程序等。
  • Handle DV, investigate the root cause and cooperate with production team and process team together try to close it by cLEAN tools systematically.                                                                      处理偏差,调查问题的根本原因,与生产团队和工艺支持团队一起合作运用精益生产的工具系统的解决问题。
  • Handle CR (change) for machine improvement and optimization. When there’re machine issues occur such as production risk, high scrap rate, machine down time caused by design, unreasonable methodthe responsible engineer will seek for machine improvement and optimization method through contacting supplier of OEM supplier. When doing this required CR, support to finalize CR case to handle the whole process from the beginning to the end of machine update.                                                  处理变更以改进和优化设备。当设备发生问题时,如:生产风险、废品率升高、停机、不合理的方法, 与维修工程师及设备供应商一起寻找改进和优化的方法。
  • Participate in new project and new machine introduction at the early beginning of project of new machine. Participate in design review and test review so that some error can be found earlier. Execute test and validation.                                                                                                   参与新项目和新设备引进;审核设计和测试方案尽早发现问题;执行设备测试和验证。
  • Operate SAP PM& MM system to support maintenance work and spare parts management, open and close work order.                                                                                                 操作SAP系统,支持日常维修工作以及备件管理,处理系统工作订单。
  • Ensure all maintenance activities are done according to SOP, passing all internal and external audits without any findings about SOP compliance.                                                                        确保所有维修活动按照SOP执行,符合质量要求,通过内、外部审计。
  • Make sure all maintenance activities are in compliance with safety, production or quality requirements or standard.                                                                                                   确保所有的维修活动合规,符合生产、安全、质量的要求。

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