醫藥業務專員(中區) GLP-1/OAD Medical Specialist/Sr. Specialist (Central)

Category:  Sales

Taipei, Taiwan, TW


Key responsibilities and job tasks:



1. Responsible for territory management, including listing, scientific communication and tender protection.
(全方位的區域管理者, 包括進藥. 產品學術溝通, 及議價. 保藥)

2. Keep closely relationship with KOL within responsible area according to segmentation and targeting, utilize selling skills to ensure customer needs are met in order to achieve sales target
(針對業績指標及客戶分級能有效的建立拜訪計劃並且與重要客戶維持良好關係,同時運用有效銷售技巧溝通, 來達到客戶需求並達成業績目標)

3. Identify new business opportunities and gain new expanded business.
(洞察巿場契機並開發. 創造新的業績機會)

4. Have willing to develop new accounts and new physicians/customers, as well as new source of businesses (meaning new patients, and new channels) and timely feedback market intelligence, request reports regularly.

(勇於開發潛力區域並且開創新業務機會點, 同時可以定期回饋巿場訊息並準時提供報表)

5. Execute marketing strategy, execute sales call plans, but also identify new prospects, and also validate these new prospects and align with manager to achieve sales target and goal.
(確切執行行銷策略及制定拜訪計劃, 精確執行業務計劃並且和業務主官共同擬定主要策略以強化銷售行為並完成公司目標)

6. Agility, accountability and resiliency to successfully manage task in a dynamic environment. willing to try out new paths, channels, get the learning, and evolve the plans and execution again.
(在變化快速的環境中擁有靈活及當責的精神去成功接受工作挑戰, 高執行力並擁有極高熱忱接受所有新的通路挑戰並勇於學習新事物)

7. Ensure all activities in territory are executed with professionalism and comply with NN compliance standard.
(自我管理佳, 所有區域活動具高專業度並遵守諾和諾得商業行為規範)

8. Be a professional problem solver, innovative thinker and good business acumen..
(專業問題解決者, 具有創新思考及高度巿場敏銳度)

9. Can-do attitude, willing to explore new/underdeveloped territories, identify new opportunities, able to tackle uncertainties and adapt fast.
(勇於開拓新巿場及未知商機, 極積尋求機會點, 並迅速適應未知環境所帶來的挑戰及衝擊)




Minimum knowledge required to fulfill job responsibilities:



1. Bachelor degree or above graduate with pharmacy or medical science
related field
(學士以上學歷, 藥學或醫藥科學相關科系)

2. Minimum 3 years' HP working experience in original company.

3. Minimun 3 year's medical center experience

4. Experience in both chronic prescription medications and OAD treatment is a plus.


5. Good skills in planning and interpersonal communication

6. Good problem-solving and presentation skills.

7. Familiar with using Microsoft office suite and portable devices.
(熟悉Microsoft office軟件以及電腦平板)

8. Experience in Meta & CV therapeutic areas is a plus.

9. Ambitious, determined and result-driven mindset on assignment.
(具有堅毅, 成效導向及正向極積企圖的心態)

10. Logistical thinking and analytical capabilities, thrive in excellent performance.

(高度邏輯思考力及分析能力, 激發高效業績表現)

11. Good skills in planning and interpersonal communication

12. Has own vehicle for business need.

We commit to an inclusive recruitment process and equality of opportunity for all our job applicants. 


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