Associate manager - manufacturing processes for medical device components (metal, electronics, decor

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Hillerød, Capital Region of Denmark, DK


Do you enjoy leading a team of highly skilled engineers to develop new processes and equipment – with all the collaboration and discoveries that go with it? Are you ready to take on the responsibility for driving major product developments all the way to production? Would you enjoy going to work every day knowing that your team’s results make a difference? Then join us and be part of something unique – this position will provide you with excellent opportunities for personal and professional development.



About the department


You will be joining 40 dedicated colleagues in the Device Manufacturing Development Department in Hillerød. We develop the equipment and processes that transform great designs into actual products for our patients, bridging the gap between development departments and the production lines. We also support the resolution of production issues at suppliers around the world and ensure that the production capacity is continuously increased to support the growing demand from our patients.


The dosage pen systems that are a big part of the success we enjoy are always under further development. We strive to ensure they meet and exceed the expectations of a growing and demanding market. We design all the equipment necessary to perform all the processes involved in the manufacturing of the dosage system components. Right now, an opportunity has come up to lead a team of around 8 engineers. And this is where we need you.


You will be working with manufacturing experts in the field of metal, electronic and decorated components, and you will be in close collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders. We enjoy sharing our knowledge, and we are eager to get to know you and learn from you. If you appreciate collaboration in a creative and ambitious environment, you will feel at home with us.


Novo Nordisk is pursuing an ambitious strategy to connect our dosage systems to digital applications that patients and doctors can use, and the dosage system modules needed to establish this connectivity contain many metal and electronic components. You will therefore find yourself in the position to be able to contribute to an important strategic agenda.



The position


Your success as a leader is determined by your team’s results and the engagement and job satisfaction of each of the engineers. To this purpose, you will ensure that the different projects are staffed with the right resources based on their competences and personality fit. In parallel, you ensure continuous competence development based on future project needs and based on the personal strengths and wishes of the engineer. You do not shy away from confronting performance and behavioral issues, but you will also let your team members know when things go well.


You play an active role in bringing people together to seize the benefits of synergies between activities across the organization. Especially for the smaller projects without dedicated project manager, your role is to ensure progress and guide engineers in the right direction by asking the right questions and offering solutions. An essential aspect of this is to help them clear roadblocks of many different kinds, such as resource constraints, collaboration challenges, scope definition and budget limitations. With the creation of procedures, systems and tools you help your engineers to be more efficient and to deliver higher quality.


This position offers a high level of collaboration across the organization and with external suppliers. As such it is crucial to maintain excellent relationships with your key stakeholders. You will collaborate with strategic sourcing managers to select suppliers and reach out to production operators to understand their value drivers. Product developers provide crucial input to the future manufacturing needs for new dosage systems and you will align with quality assurance professionals to ensure compliance with regulatory standards – just to name a few of the many places where your face will quickly become familiar.


To ensure the safety of the patients using our dosage systems, everything we do must adhere to a well-defined set of regulations and quality standards. New processes and equipment must be qualified and validated to ensure that they comply with these standards. As a leader you play a key role in ensuring that your engineers know what this requires from them, and you make sure that the right operating procedures and training are in place.





You hold an Engineering degree, and you have at least 6 years of working experience. You are familiar with the development process of manufacturing equipment for medical device production and ideally you have worked with manufacturing processes for metal and electronic components in some context. Maybe you have previously worked in production or manufacturing development, for example as an engineer, project manager or people manager. Perhaps you have worked for a medical device OEM for some time, or you have been employed at an equipment manufacturer to the medical industry. Or maybe your background is relevant in other ways.


You have some experience in leading teams, or you have a keen interest to become a people manager. You have realized that you truly enjoy working with people including dealing with their personal struggles. You are yourself, open and honest about your own feelings and opinion whenever possible. You are humble but confident in your approach and take the time to listen to your engineers to understand and clarify their message. To create maximum support for decisions and solutions, you cultivate a collaborative culture in which people feel heard and where decisions are taken in a transparent manner.


You are the type of person that puts company above personal interests, and you lead through example. You realize that by trusting and empowering people, you will get ownership and results in return. Innovation is high on your agenda, which means you stimulate trying things out and failing fast. In a regulatory environment with many uncertainties and variables, things are complex enough as they are. You excel at keeping things simple, to set a clear direction and ensure progress.


Because you will be working with international business partners, it is a requirement that you are technically proficient in English, in speech as well as in writing. If you understand Danish, your job will probably be easier, but it is not a requirement.



Working at Novo Nordisk


In Novo Nordisk, you will be met with trust, interesting challenges and rich opportunities for personal and professional growth. You will be investing your unique skills in an environment focused around the exchange of knowledge, where your talent and experience is valued. We are proud to use our dedication and our capabilities to make a difference for millions of people around the world.





If you have question regarding the job, you are welcome to call Ruud Luijs at +45 30 75 48 66.


Should you wish to learn more about what it is like working in Novo Nordisk, you can begin here: http://www.novonordisk.com/careers/working-at-novo-nordisk.html


Please feel free to apply in Danish or English.





5 October 2021

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