Sr. Director, CE & E

Category:  Marketing and Market Access

Beijing, Beijing, CN


 1.  Sales effectiveness

Provide data based proposal, convince related management and cross function team, build related implementation process and system to support sales team to implement, tracking the result and continuous improvement: details include

-       sales size, structure & deployment

-       sales incentive

-       targeting & segmentation

-       SE KPI and device

-       Sales target allocation below province

-       HQ SE project

2.     Business insight:

Develop internal and external data-based business insight to mgmt. team and internal stakeholders, to support organization data-based decision; communicate with mgmt. & cross function, build related implementation process and system to support DBD/DBD implementation, tracking performance, detail including

-       Marketing research and competitor intelligence

-       Business planning & insight

-       Forecasting & target allocation to region & segment

-       Brand & region performance tracking

-       S & M activity analysis

3.     Marketing effectiveness

-       Brand plan process and tracking

-       Build ME framework suitable for China market

-       Optimize marketing & sales related business process

-       HQ ME project

-       I-selling

4.     Manage DBD/DMD system and data

-       Work with SE/Insight and ME team to build related business implementation process as IT system base

-       Maintain sales& marketing existing system

-       Working with IT to build new system

-       System include: SELAS/Target/HC/IC/APS/AMS/Expense/Meeting Attendee/Speaker etc.

5. Manage CE team

-       Set goal for CE team

-       Coaching team to ensure performance and individual development

-       Team member working skill improvement

-       Manage team budget

-       Lead team to achieve business goal  


Education 教育背景

Required education and/or specific certification/course


•      Relevant master degree, e.g. Pharmacy, Science plus MBA

•      Fluency in English

Experience 经验

Year of related working experience required in the job

•      >10 year big multi-national pharmaceuticals company experience

•      >5 year SFE experience

•      >5 year business analysis experience

•      >3 year business process & system management experience

Personal skills 技能

List specific personal skills desired in the job to accomplish objectives and create value


•      Key business process management skill

•      Cross function and different level communication and alignment skills

•      Data-based analysis mindset

•      Skill by using process approach to facilitate organize from idea to implementation

We commit to an inclusive recruitment process and equality of opportunity for all our job applicants. 


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