Business Analyst, Commercial Operation

Category:  Sales

Beijing, Beijing, CN


  1. Establish, maintain and optimize distribution sales analysis database, track and monitor distribution fees & sales flow so as to ensure smooth operation and effective resource allocation for channel management.


  1. Make distribution fee and sales value analysis to assess distribution fee control in all regions.
  2. Analyse the constitution of distribution fees in multiple dimensions (e.g. distributor level, rebates type, monthly change, etc.) to detect possible issues in a timely manner and ensure smooth operation of channel sales.
  3. Assess current distributors and potential distributors in terms of distributor KPI analysis to ensure sound and solid development of the channel system.
  4. Track distribution expenses; analyse expenditure allocation for different level and type of distributors to ensure efficient investment.


  1. Manage retail sales target and performance appraisal, analyse related data and supervise sales flow so as to ensure appropriate actions made to improve channel management.


  1. Manage retail sales target for all areas, teams and etc., adjust targets in compliance with business needs.
  2. Testify sales performance achievement rate based on historic statistics and sales projection, validate whether the bonus incentive scheme is reasonable or needs any adjustments.
  3. Set quarterly phasing for different products referring to previous data, sales trend and forecast.
  4. Track and appraise cross-territory sales in compliance with the regulation, increase or   decrease cross-selling accordingly.
  5. Track retail sales regularly, analyse changes in terminal sales (e.g. y-o-y growth or retail sales percentage fluctuation) to identify retail market growth potential and changes and ensure stable development of the retail sales.


  1. Distribution fee management:


  1. Lead the application, tracking and review of special distribution fee, including preparing PPT, leading internal communication, preparing distribution fee simulation, and quarterly review etc., such as trusteeship hospital, longer AR term hospital and any other new application with market change
  2. Calculate special distribution fee and project distribution fee with provincial managers per approval and ensure timely application and payment


  1. Ensure timely and accurate data analysis regarding channel sales to assist in regulating business management and provide effective support in business & strategy decision making.


  1. Track sales flow, analyze terminal sales variation, integrate cross-selling data and procurement breakdown from unauthorized channel to help commercial sales streamline channel network. Discussed the analysis results regularly with Commercial Sales to ensure distributor selection and level setting is in compliance with regulation and in line with business needs.
  1. Analyse hospital, transfer and retail sales covered by different level of distributors to define and track their roles in distribution system. Track target hospitals, bid-following hospitals sales, retail sales and channel coverage to identify business growth opportunities and challenges.
  2. Provide business analysis reports to Commercial Management Team and make analysis tailored to different regions in accordance with local channel characteristics and different focuses.
  3. Cooperate with DBD SO and FIN project team to make comprehensive analysis regarding corporate business and sales flow management from distribution management perspective.


  1. Cost management


  1. Lead the annual budget allocation and half year review. Provide allocation guidance and data to regions, ensuring the rationality to support the CME strategy and company strategy
  2. Lead the cost tracking by provinces and regions, provide monthly report and quarterly cost analysis to directors with face to face review.  Provide concrete adjustment suggestion to regions based on the analysis and follow up


  1. Effectively support projects re distribution management and provide value-added suggestions based on business analysis.


  1. Participate in projects to provide value-added suggestions to business planning, e.g. supply chain management, channel marketing promotion plan, business development opportunities, and distribution and selling prices etc, make feasibility study.
  2. In collaboration with project team members to integrate info and statistics, follow up project implementation, update business analysis and project performance monitoring reports.
  3. Cooperate with IT to develop business analysis module and BI system to promote business analysis flexibility and efficiency.


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