Assistant to CVP

Category:  General Management and Administration

Beijing, Beijing, CN


Main job tasks 主要工作任务


1.Assist VP of MAPA with daily paper work and other routine work

2.Documentation preparation and translation

3.Assist VP in traveling, scheduling, and other business trip

4.Organize and coordination on MAPA management and department meetings, including team building and cross functional meetings.

5.Manage and update MAPA intra web

6.Coordination with other internal departments on daily communication

7.Act as coordinator with Finance in budget management

8.Any other tasks on requirement

Other area responsibility

  • NN Compliance coordinator of MAPA-5%


  • OHS member representative for MAPA-5%

Health Committee members must cooperate with the department manager and other managers in the area in orderto ensure systematic and effective health and safety work in the area. The OHS representatives must assist the manger by:

1. Conducting a workplace assessment and risk assessment yearly

2. Participating in setting objectives

3. Participating in monitoring the occupational health and safety conditions in the area

4. Monitoring the results of the work environment inspections and to participate in safety round.

5. Participating in the investigation of accidents and near-misses

6. Participating in the planning of work routines and processes

7. Keeping the area informed of new legislation, guidelines and information communicate by COHS.

8. Participating in network meetings and sharing of good practices

9. Health Committee member has a duty to contact management if non-conformities are observed.


  • QA Coordinator of MAPA-5%

1.    QBIQ weekly news review and QBIQ sublist maintain (have the right to add & de-select of QBIQ documents for own dept)

2.      Make sure training structure in ISOtrain

3.      HQ and local SOP review, and make gap analysis if needed

4.      NC handling

5.      CR handling

6.      QAP input and report

7.      QMR information collection

8.      Update archiving list & use of OmniRIM in their dept.

9.      Report to QA group if there are any incidents or deviation

10.    Attend QA team meeting & relevant training

11.    Coordinate on other QA issues in own dept.






Minimum knowledge required to fulfill job responsibilities (not actual CV from employee)

Bachelor degree or above

4 year experience in multinational company is preferred, and new graduate with good potential can also be considered.

We commit to an inclusive recruitment process and equality of opportunity for all our job applicants. 


At Novo Nordisk we recognize that it is no longer good enough to aspire to be the best company in the world. We need to aspire to be the best company for the world and we know that this is only possible with talented employees with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and cultures. We are therefore committed to creating an inclusive culture that celebrates the diversity of our employees, the patients we serve and communities we operate in. Together, we’re life changing.