DevOps Engineer to join Manufacturing Intelligence team

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Bagsværd, Capital Region of Denmark, DK


Are you looking for a new opportunity to put your DevOps skills to use, enabling innovative data-driven digital solutions using the latest cloud technologies? Are you motivated by working as part of a small, purpose-driven team, helping shape the future of data science and software engineering in our fast-paces manufacturing domain? We’re looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our Manufacturing Intelligence team, where you’ll have the exciting role of working on data-driven digital use-cases within our global manufacturing environment.


The position
As a DevOps Engineer in PS Manufacturing Intelligence, you will join an engaged, cross-function team of data scientists, data engineers, software engineers, product owners, and UX/UI designers to develop innovative manufacturing intelligence digital solutions, geared towards leveraging Industry 4,0 opportunities. engineering team specialized in design and development of enterprise grade security products.

The ideal candidate is not only technical savvy, but also passionate and energized about working within a purpose-driven company, helping us uncover opportunities within our manufacturing processes that improve efficiency, quality, and employee empowerment, ultimately to the benefit of our patients worldwide.


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Building cloud infrastructure following the DevOps practices and implement internal APIs
  • Managing CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps
  • Build pipelines to automate and codify workflows for training and deployment of machine learning models together with Data Scientists
  • Automating service deployment and maintenance tasks.
  • Maintaining high availability through fault tolerance, system standardization, and vigilant disaster recovery planning.
  • Setting direction for Continues Integration (CI) by providing input to our code development and reviews, our branching strategies, version control, source code management (SCM), practices for merging code and notifying on build status
  • Contributing to setting direction for establishing MLOps for manufacturing intelligence use-cases, in particular edge MLops (implementing MLOps on edge devices.)

Your day-to-day tasks will include:

    • setting up pipelines (CI/CD)
    • give input to coding practices and branch pull practices
    • setting up tools and artefacts
    • establish infrastructure as code
    • integrate to automated testing and documentation
    • setting up tools for monitoring analytics solutions and ML models in production
    • monitor application performance and crashes


  • You have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in relevant field and hands-on experience working as a DevOps Engineer or Software Engineer working closely with CI/CD.
  • You have hands-on experience in at least one modern programming/scripting language – we typically work with Python.
  • You come with some hands-on experience with AWS PaaS and SaaS services for storage, logging and monitoring, auditing, and security services.
  • You come with a solid understanding of CI/CD best practises, and have experience within Infrastructure-as-Code. Ideally, you have operational experience building and maintaining automated operational infrastructure.

You might even be a certified AWS Solution Developer or have obtained some cloud platform certification (preferable in AWS). You may also have experience with container technology, e.g. Docker, as well as software engineering best practises including TDD. As a person, you have strong problem-solving abilities, and prefer working as part of a cross-functional team to solve problems. 

About the department 

Novo Nordisk is a large international company with manufacturing sites around the world and sales affiliates in all corners of the globe. Data is collected along all parts of our processes, wherein the manufacturing space relies heavily on data sources like sensors, production machines, ERP systems. We sit with the interesting challenge of transforming this data into daily insights that enable decision makers at all levels to make evidence-based decisions, and also strive to enable fully automate the decision-making process. 


The Product Supply Manufacturing Intelligence department is tasked with the exciting challenge of enabling our global Manufacturing sites to make better decisions through data to increase efficiency, increase quality, and increase empowerment through data transparency.  


You will join a dynamic and diverse team of people who speaks more than 13 languages. As a part of the team, you will play an important role in contributing to developing both the culture, team as well as yourself. Our team is characterized with freedom under responsibility where we want to bring the best out of each individual. Our ambition is to be the frontier of data and analytics, use the latest techniques and software to draw greater insights and future predictions from the data and thus making a significant impact on how we manage the future Manufacturing operation. 


Our goal is to build scalable solutions for extracting, transforming, and storing data, along with tools for utilising and visualising the data. For instance, we are aiming to build a platform for streaming data from sensors, PLCs, and other sources, to visualise line performance and problems in near real-time. To this end we are developing our stack with AWS, IoT, and open source streaming tools. 



For further information, please contact Sonya Frey at +45 3075 6853



23 June 2021  

Please upload both your CV and a cover letter explaining why you think this position is for you. 

Please note that applications will be reviewed continuously, and interviews will be planned as soon as a suitable candidate is identified. 

Millions rely on us 

At Novo Nordisk, we don’t wait for change. We drive change. We’re a dynamic company in an even more dynamic industry, and we know that what got us to where we are today is not necessarily what will make us successful in the future. We embrace the spirit of experimentation, striving for excellence without fixating on perfection. We never shy away from opportunities to develop, we seize them. Working at Novo Nordisk is working toward something bigger than ourselves, and it’s a collective effort. Novo Nordisk relies on the joint potential and collaboration of its more than 40,000 employees to change the lives for the better for millions of patients living with diabetes and other chronic diseases. Together, we go further. Together, we’re life changing.